Electronic Waste Management




TechnoCycle: e-Stewards, R2, ISO 14001, & 18001 Implementation

TechnoCycle specializes in both re-marketing and recycling of electronic waste. In 2011, they decided to pursue certification to the e-Stewards Standard© and soon decided to add OHSAS 18001 (Safety) & R2 to their program.  Arcadian Solutions provided TechnoCycle with management system implementation support that included:

  • An internal audit to assess certification readiness
  • Creation of a project plan for certification to e-Stewards, R2 and OHSAS 18001 Safety
  • Design of system documentation and tools that were easy to use for both workers and management
  • Integration of the of e-Stewards®, Responsible Recycling (“R2”) Practices & OHSAS 18001 Safety


"Arcadian Solutions worked wonders for our company. We had a consultant putting together a lot of the certification processes, but it was wordy and un-useable. I was new to the industry and just trying to figure out what electronic recycling was and what e-Stewards really meant.

The value and knowledge I received from Libby was far worth the amount of money we spent. It seemed like we were her only client, and I know we weren’t. I consider Libby an industry friend that I can call on and run ideas by."

Chisholm Tate, TechnoCycle, 2012