Capacity Building & Teams




Commercial & Industrial Waste Minimization Program 

Arcadian Solutions was engaged by the Highlands Regional Waste Management Group (HRWMG) to deliver training and implementation support to recycling and collection contractors and their clients. The outcomes of the program extended far beyond the initial project, as program participants integrated the Waste Wise Business program into their package of customer services and it became state wide.  The program included three core elements:

  • Development of a three year waste reduction strategy for regional commerce and industry
  • Development and delivery of a Waste Wise Business Training Manual
  • Ongoing support to participants as they facilitated waste Wise Action Plans with their clients

This project was awarded the Ballarat Learning Achievement Award.


"Arcadian Solutions completed the project on time and within budget and exceeded our expectations.

Arcadian Solutions demonstrated sophisticated communication and management skills throughput the project and this was combined with a thorough and extensive technical knowledge of waste management and environmental improvement in the commercial and industrial sectors."

Philip Clingin, 2002

Highlands Regional Waste Management Group