Architects & Construction Contractors

Dyron Murphy Architects logo Dyron Murphy Architects
Facilitation of the Job Corps Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED) project certification team building process
Australian Building Energy Council Logo Australian Building Energy Council
Research, validation and preparation of Energy Efficient Building to be showcased as a case on the ABEC website.
Standard Roads Construction
Development and delivery of environmental risk management training.
Civil Contractors Federation Logo Civil Contractors Federation
Development of CCF Model Environment Management System.
Civil Contractors Federation
Delivery of “Implementing Environmental Management” training program to civil construction companies.
Civil Contractors Federation & Victorian EPA
Site reviews and preparation of case studies showcasing environmental initiatives in road construction.
Australian Institute of Architects Logo Environmental Design Guide/Royal Australian Institute Of Architects
Research and preparation of a case study showcasing the sustainable practices used in the design and construction of the Inverleigh Primary School.
Master Builders Association of Victoria Logo Master Builders Association
Invited member of an expert panel that assessed Certificate IV Environment Management training for builders.