Arcadian Solutions joins EPEAT Green Electronics Product Verification Committee

Recently Libby applied and was accepted as a new member of the Product Verification Committee (PVC) for EPEAT® – the global registry for greener electronics.    EPEAT’s vision is “A world where the negative environmental and social impacts of electronics are continually reduced and electronic products are designed to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainability”.

EPEAT® provides an environmental rating that helps identify greener computers and other electronic equipment.     Subscribers (electronics manufacturers) must meet specific criteria and go through an independent verification process.    The verification investigation is assigned to a Qualified Verifier (QV) who evaluates applications and makes a recommendation of conformance or nonconformance for review by the PVC.

The role of the PVC is to develop and approve the plan for each verification round and make the final decisions regarding each product’s conformance or nonconformance to each criterion establishing in the IEEE series of standards for electronic equipment including computing equipment, imaging equipment and televisions.