Industrial Waste Reduction Case Study

Arcadian Solutions partnered with the Highlands Regional Waste Management Group to create a Waste Reduction Program for the Commercial & Industrial sectors. The three core elements of the project included:

  • Development of a three year waste reduction strategy for regional commerce and industry
  • Development and delivery of a Waste Wise Business Training Manual
  • Ongoing support to course participants in undertaking waste assessments and preparing waste Wise Action Plans with clients

Project outcomes

The implementation of this project has clearly demonstrated the benefits of the Waste Wise Business program and the value of involving the resource recovery sector in its implementation. In particular the project has resulted in:

  • An estimated annual waste reduction of at least 2,275 tonnes based on the 65% reduction achieved in first two weeks of implementation at the McCain Foods site
  • Improved access to networks for identifying new recovery options, particularly between course participants and the region
  • A perception amongst participants that the Waste Wise Business program offers an important mechanism for enhancing client relationships
  • Improvement in the value of material being recovered eg organic waste, cardboard, low density polyethylene, polyethylene, polypropylene, and swarf