Sustainable Purchasing Case Study

Buy Recycled Resource Program for Local Government for EcoRecycle Victoria

Arcadian Solutions was contracted to prepare a Buy Recycled Resource Kit for Local Government and to assist six councils in Victoria to implement the Kit in their organisations. The resulting Buy Recycled Resource Kit contains a number of key elements including:

In addition to the Kit, Arcadian Solutions worked with six councils to develop pilot Buy Recycled programs and prepare implementation case studies to describe the experiences of each council. Participating organisations included three metropolitan and three regional councils. Feedback from project participants was very positive.

The process used to facilitate the implementation case studies involved a great many local government stakeholders within the six councils that participated. Outcomes, lessons learned and recommendations were documented and are contained in the Final Report.

The Buy Recycled Resource Kit included:

  • Advice on how to implement a “Buy Recycled” policy
  • Advice on overcoming myths and barriers
  • A model purchasing policy and statement
  • Ten fact sheets on recycled materials
  • Six case studies of examples of local government purchasing of recycled products