Management Systems Case Study

Los Alamos National Laboratory: ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Process Design and Implementation

In October 2004, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) resolved to establish an Environmental Management System and attain certification to the International Standard for Environmental Management Systems (ISO 14001). LANL initially contracted Ms. Chaplin whilst she was working for Environmental Health Associates, to manage the communication plan for the system, however in December 2004, this role was expanded to include facilitation and deployment of the system design and implementation process.

This success of this project has been recognized both within Los Alamos National Laboratory, and also with the achievement of an NNSA 2006 “Pollution Prevention Best in Class Award” and a national 2006 Department of Energy “P2 Star Award”.

Key features of this project included:

  • Facilitation of a collaborative approach to system design and deployment
  • Preparation of EMS documentation, including the crucial EMS Toolkit, a step by step guide to division implementation
  • Facilitation of deployment by 33 divisions
  • Development of new systems, process evaluation, procedures, communication tools and training