Responsible E-Waste Management

Early in 2011, TechnoCycle decided to become e-Stewards certified and employed an engineer to get the system up and running.   This provided a good foundation, however it was a document driven system with an emphasis on lengthy rather than user friendly documentation.   Arcadian Solutions conducted a gap and opportunity assessment to identify actions necessary to ensure that TechnoCycle was ready for certification.

We created a project plan that focused on identifying essential tasks and allocating resources accordingly.  Our goal was to simplify the process and make sure everything was in place by the time the certification audit came around.  Where possible, procedures were turned into flow charts, manuals were simplified and systems documented from the perspective of capturing what people actually do rather than generic processes.

In mid 2011, TechnoCycle made the decision to include R2 and OHSAS 18001 in their system.  Arcadian Solutions provided assistance to support integration of these standards into a useable effective management system.  TechnoCycle successfully achieved certification in October 2011.