Capacity Building Case Study

e-Stewards® Training Programs for the Basel Action Network

Over the past three years, Ms Chaplin has been responsible for creating the training programs for the e-Stewards Standard for Responsible Recycling and Reuse of Electronic Equipment© as a contractor to SAI Global.

This Standard is a critical step forward in responsible management of electronics, however it is a challenging Standard to interprete, implement and audit. Ms Chaplin has designed and continues to deliver the e-Stewards Auditor Certification Training, Internal Auditor Training and the e-Stewards Management System Implementation Training to audiences across the United States. Feedback from participants has been extremely positive and has supported the effective implementation of the e-Stewards Standard.

To enrol in e-Stewards training delivered by Ms Chaplin and the Basel Action Network, go to the SAI Global website.

Key features of this program included:

  • Creation & application of instruction design plans
  • Translation of complex performance requirements into user friendly training and tools
  • Delivery of the training to all certified auditors and system implementers
  • Revision and updating of training to reflect current requirements and trends