Libby Chaplin

About our CEO, Libby Chaplin

Ms Chaplin has been providing sustainability and business improvement solutions to clients in the United States and Canada, and South Korea for the past 15 years.    Recently Ms Chaplin returned to Australia to take on the role of CEO to the Australian Battery Recycling Initiative and re-establish her consulting business on home ground.    

For the past decade Libby has been very activity involved in the e-waste sector including standards development, auditor training, system implementation with a focus on easy to use and value added processes.  Since 2010 Libby has been a paid member of the Green Electronics Council’s Conformity Decision Panel for the EPEAT registry which takes a life cycle approach to electronics manufacture and end of life.

Ms Chaplin has built a reputation for creating innovative and effective programs that integrate policy & corporate imperatives, system requirements, and communication tools that deliver results and empower program participants to achieve ongoing improvements.    Ms Chaplin’s experience working with government, industry, community groups, and non-profits has given her a strong track record in synthesizing diverse perspectives, gaining consensus on new directions, and empowering participants to affect change.

Libby has specialized in project management of large‐scale organizational change programs to achieve improved environmental performance.  Her approach includes an emphasis on facilitated collaboration and supported implementation where participants feel motivated and obtain the skills and tools necessary to implement successful sustainability programs

A critical success factor for Arcadian Solutions has been strong commitment to providing responsive, practical, and effective solutions to her clients.  As a small business, Arcadian Solutions has been able to adapt its approach to ensure  clients receive support and capacity building that serve them in the long term.